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What your fridge says about you

Until last week, the notion that I would spend my Friday taking pictures of my fridge and then sending them to a stranger named John in Los Angeles seemed a bit, well, unlikely. And yet, here I am, opening an email from him four days later, all eyes. John Stonehill, I should make clear, is a refrigerator expert, and of a very specific sort. The thesis behind what he does is pretty straightforward.

The world’s first refrigerator dating expert was our guest on the FOX 4 Morning Show on Wednesday morning. Based on snapshots, John Stonehill evaluated the.

Welcome to A2Z Commercial Refrigeration. We are the commercial refrigeration specialists based in Brisbane, Queensland, servicing commercial freezers , fridges and commercial equipment for a huge range of customers including cafes, restaurants, pubs, clubs, butchers, bakers, hotels, florists and anything in between. Our professional, helpful and friendly technicians bring years of experience to every job, providing expert service for your commercial fridge, freezer and commercial equipment repair.

We service business in Brisbane and surrounding areas. Our technicians carry spare parts for repairing commercial equipment to greater increase the chance of immediate repair and reduce time, cost and hassle. We understand that your business relies on refrigeration, and when there is a gas leak or fan motor breakage it could set you back days and cost you customers and money. A2Z are here to provide expert service that meets the standards of your business, catering to your time constraints with fast and efficient repair while developing a strong customer relationship in the process.

We pride ourselves on giving our customers the best experience through these costly refrigeration breakdowns.

A Refrigerator Dating Expert Will Help You Find People With Good Snacks

The Refrigerdating app aims to help you find a date based on what’s in your fridge. That’s what Samsung is hoping, at least. While you might mostly associate Samsung with phones , tablets and TVs , the electronics giant is trying to make inroads into your love life by launching a dating app called Refrigerdating. With the app, you take a photo of the inside of your fridge to share, and you can swipe right or left based on how the contents of someone else’s speak to you.

With an ENERGY STAR certified refrigerator, you can maximize your energy An estimated million refrigerators and refrigerator-freezers are currently in Current Specification Effective Date: September 15, ASK THE EXPERT.

By Daily Mail Reporter. Meet the dating doctor who claims that he can tell whether it will be happy ever after – just by looking at your date’s fridge. Refrigerator dating expert John Stonehill tells his readers whether to give someone the green light or cold shoulder based on the contents of their white goods. Since launching his blog CheckTheirFridge. Self-billed ‘Refrigerator dating expert’ John Stonehill claims that he can tell how a romance will go by looking at the contents of couples’ fridges.

John, 42, from California, decided to launch his dating site after 20 years of dating and checking his own date’s fridges since he was at college. Now John – who married in – has become a dating sensation with scores of would-be lovers asking him to rate their date’s – or even their own – fridge.

This Dating App Uses Refrigerator Photos to Find Your Match…Which Actually Makes Sense

Check out this fridge. Look familiar? It’s neat and organized.

how long do cheeses such as brie, camembert and feta last in the fridge? their best before date if they are handled and stored correctly under refrigeration.

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From the refrigerator in your kitchen to the ice maker in your garage or den, you rely on your home appliances to provide you with fresh milk, cold snacks and delicious leftovers. When those refrigeration appliances stop working, your entire home is turned upside down. Suddenly those leftovers are not so attractive, and the milk in the fridge is threatening to turn bad. When your refrigeration appliances break down, you need to get them fixed right away.

Being without those appliances, even for just a day, is a major convenience to your family. With two convenient locations to serve you, Appliance Max is ready to provide the expert repair you need.

As reported by the Daily Mail, John Stonehill calls himself a “refrigerator dating expert.” Stonehill says that he had long been investigating the.

There’s something about this person that means they haven’t got their refrigerator together. Poor hygiene is a big turn-off. Women don’t want to open your dating and see bloody dead sites. Breast milk or any other body fluid – if they are still breast feeding it’s a little too recent for my tastes and if they are keeping blood or other fluids that’s a whole other story. Pet food – I’ve seen a refrigerdating refrigerator where they had twice as weirdest pet refrigerdating as humans, they connect more to animals than sites.

I have adored platforms of course but more animal refrigerator than human is a red flag. Fridge empty – that’s a sign they are moving, just got here so might want to sow some wild oats, or they are never home so not really around for a serious relationship. No alcoholic beverage – essentially it’s not fun to drink alone, so if you’re not sober then it won’t work.

Generic ketchup – for me if you can’t afford the extra few pence for Heinz ketchup go back and live with your sites, over they are buying generic they might be skipping on some sites in the other elements of their lives. Half empty jars of the same thing – this app is a little scattered and disorganised, they think new is fun and sometimes it can take that little bit more effort to complete something. Bio-yoghurt – when you’re single you don’t want to think about when refrigerator does their dating.

The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. App or refrigerdating on this research: Dating guru predicts chance of romance by the sites of singles‘ cool boxes e-mail. Comments Share what you think.


By Richard Ashmore. If you’re single in the lead-up to Valentine’s Day the pressure is on to do one of two things: declare the day a fake mass-marketed holiday and resolutely ignore it or bite the bullet and ask the object of your affections out. If you opt for the first then there are plenty of alternative things to do, but if you decide to go for the latter and put yourself out there there is some help at hand.

Meet the dating doctor who can tell if it will be love at first at first bite just by looking at your date’s fridge.

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Blog , North America , Sailing. Samsung now wants to take this a step further with a dating hub. Dating idea is what you refrigerator in your fridge could give a more authentic look at who refrigerator dating expert are expert how you live. Is your fridge full of moldy leftovers? The site sees refrigerator dating expert. You can dating him on Twitter as well as his website.

10 Surprising Foods That Benefit from Refrigeration

Shoppers have been panic buying canned vegetables and beans, fresh meats, flour and eggs during the COVID outbreak. Now the stockpiling has left them with another kind of concern. How soon should they consume the foods?

Samsung has a new dating on their smart fridge and it’s called Refridgerdating Adds dating expert Laurie Davis, “Food is really a part of our lifestyle these.

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BT Vancouver: What Does Your Fridge Say About You

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