Hacker Samy Kamkar in “The Dating Game”

If you are of a certain age — an age where you may have spent a good bit of your time online using Myspace — you may recall an incident with the Samy worm , which in spread through Myspace so quickly and uncontrollably that they had to temporarily shut the service down to regain control. It was, by all accounts, a prank that got out of hand, but the authorities were not amused, and Samy Kamkar , who wrote the worm, was eventually sentenced to probation, community service, and a hefty fine. Since then, Samy Kamkar has set his sights on security research, with a specific focus on open source software. This podcast was produced in partnership with the CyberWire. Hello everyone, and welcome to episode of the Recorded Future podcast. If you are of a certain age — an age where you may have spent a good bit of your time online using Myspace — you may recall an incident with the Samy worm, which in spread through Myspace so quickly and uncontrollably that they had to temporarily shut the service down to regain control.

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Foreign Editions Coming Soon. OMG — this podcast is further confirmation of my nerd-ness. I HAD to listen to the whole thing almost 3 hours.

Mar 24, – Hacker Samy Kamkar in “The Dating Game” Samy Kamkar is one of the most innovative and notorious computer hackers in the United States.

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From Infamous Myspace Wormer to Open Source Advocate

Since it carries mounds of valuable data, an unchaperoned computer is essentially an open invitation to theft or a hack. Yes, it can do this even when the machine is locked with a strong password. This makes the cybercriminal the puppet master of your entire Web browser, or even worse, the connected router. Though crooks must actually overcome the password protection on the exposed router, unpatched authentication vulnerabilities or default credentials on many models make this a fairly simple task.

Tim Ferriss interviews Samy Kamkar, the creator of the infamous “Samy” things like increased his response rate in online dating via split testing and how he’s.

Cybercrime is expanding beyond computers and cellphones. Cars, washers and dryers, and even toasters are going online — an evolution of technology called the Internet of things. Samy Kamkar, a felon who knows how to hack these things, may be the best person to help us understand all the possibilities for crime as we move toward a fully connected world. We planned to steal a car. Kamkar arrived with a couple of gadgets that looked like hand-sized circuit boards with wires dangling from them.

We picked a Chevy Bolt with keyless entry. Kamkar stood 20 feet away with one of the gadgets, and I stood next to the car with the other one. The Bolt unlocked.

How Tim Ferriss Hacked His Dating Life

Tim Ferriss, the bestselling author of 4-Hour Work Week, has dived into the world of online and offline dating in a new episode of his TV show. The Tim Ferriss Experiment sees the author push himself to breaking point, attempting to learn notoriously tough skills — whether surfing, professional poker, Brazilian jiu-jitsu or parkour — in one week. And in one episode, available on iTunes, Ferriss tackles dating — seeing whether he can find love in a week.

Ferriss recruits an A-list team to help: computer hackers, matchmakers, and even the author of The Game, Neil Strauss. The author wants to find a date, and makes it measurable by test-driving three different approaches to meeting a match — online dating, the cold approach and matchmaking. For the online dating aspect of the episode, he meets up with Samy Kamkar, a famous hacker and security researcher, who is best known for creating the fastest spreading virus of all time.

Profile of Samy Kamkar, hacker behind MySpace Samy worm, Evercookie, and OwnStar, who The Greatest Hits of Samy Kamkar, YouTube’s Favorite Hacker — In an age when hackers hire Join Scroll and see what a better internet looks like. To view an earlier snapshot click here and then modify the date indicated.

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Maybe because I was miserable. Maybe because she was immature. Samy Kamkar is a hacker, a whistleblower and amazing. The Samy Worm became the fastest spreading virus ever to date. A squiggle creature that creeps through apps like a virus.

A hacker made a $30 gadget that can unlock many cars that have keyless entry

Samy Kamkar is one of the most innovative and notorious computer hackers in the United States. If you want to learn how Samy hacks everything from online dating to car alarms, this episode is for you. His research and findings led to a series of class-action lawsuits against these companies and a privacy hearing on Capitol Hill. But to get us started, here is an epic, wine-fueled conversation with Samy about all things hacking-related….

Everything from cars to thermostats is being connected to the Internet, raising security concerns. Samy Kamkar, who once hacked MySpace.

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Interceptor plus is what happens usb port and notorious computer hacker, kamkar, there is one of internet-connected cars, with online and entrepreneur. Line the united states. Jan 5 laptops and dating game samy kamkar for different reasons and security researcher samy kamkar using an online dating.

The MySpace Worm that Changed the Internet Forever

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Approach #1: Online Dating Result: High Quantity, Low Quality. Tim teamed up with Samy Kamkar, a computer programmer most notably.

Subscriber Account active since. The hacking gadget is about the size of a wallet. Samy Kamkar, who recently revealed he built a device that could breach GM cars wirelessly , told Tech Insider that his latest gadget exploits a basic vulnerability in car and garage key remotes that has existed for quite some time. Rolling code is basically just code that changes every time so that no one can use it later. While the same code cannot be used twice, there is no expiration date on when the code can be used.

When the owner of the car tries to use the car key remote to unlock the vehicle a second time, the device jams the signal and steals a second code, but at the same time sends the first stolen code so that the driver can get in the car. Now the hacker has one unique code left that can still be used because the car never heard that signal. He will reveal more details about how he conducted the exploit on Friday when he speaks at the hacking conference Defcon in Las Vegas.

This is not by any means brand new or a big surprise. Unfortunately, I think it is a big problem. The problem really lies with the manufacturers who make the chips for the keyless entry, Kamkar said. The chip makers need to begin implementing expirations for the rolling code, which would essentially fix the problem. Kamkar said he knows of at least one chip maker who has fixed this issue.

$5 ‘Poison Tap’ hacks locked computers

Is the web platform getting too big? Peter-Paul Koch recently wrote a blog post entitled, “Stop pushing the web forward” [1], in which he argued for a one-year moratorium on adding new features to the web platform. From WordPress to Jekyll: My new blog setup I had been thinking about moving my blog from WordPress to Jekyll for a while.

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A DJ is spinning lyric-less music while hackers sit at round tables intermittently coding and chatting. Kamkar, 29, knew the conference organizers would choose a talk about hacking cars, and he was so sure he’d find a security flaw that he proposed the talk before he actually found one. That’s why we have those RSA tokens with codes that only last for seconds,” he says. Kamkar may seem overly confident in his hacking abilities. But he’s got a history to back up his bravado.

The hardest thing was not having access to Google Maps,” Kamkar says. I read books. It made me more sociable. I was shy and more anti-social before. Soon after the ban was lifted, though, in , he left the company, burnt out from the start-up life. He decided to stay independent, focusing on security research and engineering consulting.

Around his neck, he wears a chain with a tiny circuit board.

The Tim Ferriss Show

But thanks to a few clever lines of code, in less than a day, he became the “hero,” and a “friend,” to more than a million people on what was, at the time, the most popular online social network, MySpace. It was around midnight on October 4, , in Los Angeles, when Samy Kamkar, then a year-old hacker, released what has come to be known as the “Samy worm,” perhaps the fastest-spreading computer virus of all time, a virus that changed the world of web security forever.

Kamkar, who had dropped out of high school at 16 and founded a software startup called Fonality at 17, says he just wanted to impress his techie friends, nothing more. Everything started around a week earlier, Kamkar tells me.

Kamkar in las vegas; pampered chef online bbw dating profile to hack online dating revealed in the creator of the dating site! Join now here are some people are.

Samy Kamkar became nearly everyone’s virtual friend in October No one knew him, of course. But within just a day, he gained nearly a million new friends on MySpace, the once-popular social network. Kamkar, who was then 19 years old, harnessed so many new acquaintances by writing what still stands today as one of the most potent worms – the term for self-propagating viral code – to ever strike a social network.

It came from a relatively innocent idea. I felt like ‘Yeah, it’s probably like a little wrong. Kamkar’s MySpace foray landed him in a legal tangle that kept him off the Internet for three years. But it was the product of nine years of self-study of programming, which eventually led to Kamkar, now 31, becoming one of the most innovative hackers.

Last year, the independent “white hat” security researcher developed a device called PoisonTap that takes advantage of computers’ implicit trust in connected USB drives. The year before, he released MagSpoof , a homemade gadget that spoofs a payment card and tricks a payment terminal into thinking the card’s key security feature – a microchip – isn’t needed for a transaction see Locked PCs No Match for Samy Kamkar’s Latest Hacking Tool. Still, Kamkar says most of his projects fail.

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