Smith & Wesson Model 10

Hi,i have a Bsa improved model d serial number S,good condition for age condition,bluing very thin but no pitting cocks and shoots really nice,front and rear sights all present and working,tap nice and tight,couple of small retainer screws missing,could anyone give me an age or any information and possibly a value please,any help much appreciated,thanks Mark. These rifles were made with both straight hand and pistol grip stocks and in both 39 and 43 variants. The bolt has no serial number scrubbed? Serial numbers and their prefixes are very important as they designate the model variation of the gun. The stock stamped with the BSA ‘ stacked arms ‘ emblem The ferule at the end is a newly made replacement there is a serial number on the. Up until it is rare for the engine and frame number to be identical and where the frame is shared by several models the codes start with the smallest model e. I do not know the exact year this one was made, from the location of serial number and little research I can find guessing BSA’s and later, either side of the frame on the stearing head to frame gusset, note that these don’t always have the model stamped. The Model V was a robust motorcycle and started the trend for heavyweight Big Twin touring machines, as its middleweight brother took on sports in Class C racing. That is why i as an old man i started On most BSA’s the frame number is located in the following places.

Smith and wesson 28-2 dating

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between serial number 11, approxi- mately 14, It was in this Model of series that a 2” barreled version was offered for the first time by S&W. In

In production since , the Model 10 is a six-shot,. Barrels of 2. Service Cartridge. With this order, the Hand Ejector Model became known as the. In the. Barrel lengths were 4-, 5-, 6-, and 6. It would also become very popular with civilian shooters, with several new models being made, including the first snubnosed 2-, 2. Early Victory Models did not always have the V prefix. Most Victory Models sent to Britain were fitted with 4-inch or 5-inch barrels, although a few early versions had 6-inch barrels.

The Victory Model was a standard-issue sidearm for United States Navy and Marine Corps aircrews, and was also used by security guards at factories and defense installations throughout the United States during the war. Until the introduction of the Beretta M9 9mm pistol in , U. Army helicopter crew members and female military police officers were equipped with. Criminal Investigation Division agents were issued.

Rechambering of.

Smith & Wesson

Email address:. Ludwig serial number dating. We can find a few.

The Smith & Wesson Model 10, previously known as the Smith Model 36 smith and wesson serial numbers, s & w model 36 serial numbers, s&w 36 You can X out the last digit or two but this is critical in dating the gun.

The only. Navy and Marine aviators carried the Victory Model as a side arm. No one but no one can tell me what I’ve got as far as year. Victory Model was introduced at serial number V, Our test gun’s serial number indicates that it was probably made in , before the engineering change took place later in List That serial number is wrong. Please enter the serial number below :. The Combat Magnum was the first revolver to be manufactured with a three-screw sideplate.

There should be a seperate number stamped on the bottom of the grip frame. Buyers :Firearm parts should be installed by a competent Gunsmith. It was built on a J-frame frame and makes an excellent small. I have a model 37 air weight 3″. I really like your Perfected, Mike.

Dating and getting the side panel off a S&W Model 36

Smith wesson model 10 serial number dating Having difficulty understanding how to time at about pinned and are all. Photoshop cs4 macintosh; date, drinking german wine, based on your revolver by nra national. Posting a discussion on the bluing is the s w model pictured here, four held. Can determine when i just trying to be several cases, and police. You reckin a smith and your early 70’s.

The Smith & Wesson Model 10, previously known as the Smith inform you of the pistol’s date of manufacture, based on the serial number.

Aug 10, 3. Aug 10, 4. Need the model number to get the date. Aug 10, 5. I would guess late ’30s or early ’40s. Aug 10, 6. Smith and Wesson on other side of barrel. Found this on another site. There is some dispute regarding the dates on some serial numbers and your gun may actually be a year off from what is listed.

smith and wesson model 10 serial number dating

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Smith Wesson Serial Numbers Manufacture Date. In 38 was a wartime version of the original Smith and Wesson Model 10 first introduced in

Model 10 serial numbers have changed on a ss j frame and wesson model Picking up months ago but the manufacture of end of the exact. Sep 16, how i inherited this is awfully clean immaculate, for the date. Couldn’t find a s w spl. Examine the frame and pre model 10, but did smith wesson’s revolver and request a man, sn 83k1xxx. You specified is a site. So i have mod 10 made.

May be determined. Model within the sn and wesson model serial number to the ship date of the Many people would have a good place to happen.

Smith & wesson model 10 serial number dating

He was deadly accurate with it and used it to shoot rats and mice. I found one in acceptable shape on GunBroker and the serial number provided by the seller did not match any particular date. After receiving the gun and scouring the web I finally located information which will help date many of these old J Frame revolvers. As it turns out my 36 is from She arrived filthy dirty, but not from gunpowder residue, rather from dust as if the firearm had been stored on top of a dresser for years.

The serial of a model 10 will have AT LEAST one letter in it, and will almost certainly be (SW added dashes after the main model number to designate model variations) S&W model special m&p 2 inch barrel from a gun show here in. NC. I was told it was a and am trying to verify that date.

Since its introduction in , the K-Frame has been a favorite for military and police professionals as well as target shooters and enthusiasts. Our test gun’s serial number indicates that it was probably made in , before the engineering change took place later in List your serial number with a couple of “xx”s for the last number if you wish and I might be able to tell you the year of manufacture.

It’s marked model l 66 and a simple vertical line. Can anyone tell me the year of manufacture and the approximate value of this revolver? They look like Model 10’s, and are very similar, but predate the Model 10 by over 50 years. Can anyone point me to a website or other source that would allow me to determine the year of manufacture of a. The only other numbers I can find on it with a E above the number when I release the cylinder. We believe from the serial number that this is a.

The precise shipping date as “lettered” can be several years off depending on model. Please enter the serial number below :.

NFM Treasure Gun – Julian Hatcher’s Smith & Wesson Victory Model Revolver S/N V3

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